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The story revolves around Mael, a 7 year old boy who has a learning difficulties and his friends facing obstacles and challenges throughout their first year of school with the help of Teacher Suraya, their homeroom teacher.

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The story consists of 5 young children Adam, Ibo, Nuna, Bim and Rin. Living in a universe that implements the five elements of SPICE, Adam and his great buddies live their everyday life learning and discovering new and excitable things. With the help of an ominous narrator, they master the elements of SPICE through daily activities performing materials from the Montessori teachings. 

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TAKDIR tells an epic story of a young man, Angkasa Sakti, who was tasked by his father to travel towards The Sacred Land of Makkah and help the kingdom by bringing a change to a world enshrouded under the shadows of The Utopia Kingdom ruled by the ravenous Sang Ashura.

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